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More Deception, More Lies and Milli Vanilli..... again


My sister Linda and I have received many PM's from fans asking if we will be a part of the "TRUE" Milli Vanilli Experience. Sadly, the stigma of deception continues......

SiriusXM's Rachel Brodsky Talks Milli Vanilli w/ former MTV VJ Martha Quinn-Girl, You know It's Not Completely True


I was just reading the interview by Rachel Brodsky of former MTV VJ Martha Quinn on SiriusXM titled "Original VJ Martha Quinn talks ’80s nostalgia, Milli Vanilli + the real reason MTV doesn’t play music videos anymore".....

Milli Vanilli Boy in the Tree



Milli Vanilli

Boy In The Tree

Milli Vanilli Boy in the Tree



Milli Vanilli

Can't You Feel My Love

Milli Vanilli Boy in the Tree



Milli Vanilli

Is it Love



Video 1




OWNTV - Oprah Where Are They Now- The pop group Milli Vanilli will most likely remain synonymous with one of the biggest scandals inGrammy history. The two front men, Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan, returned the award when it was revealed that the voices their fans heard weren't their own. Meanwhile, the actual male leads, Brad Howell, John Davis and Charles Shaw and female backup singers, Jodie andLinda Rocco behind hits like 1989's "Girl You Know It's True" watched on as their music climbed the charts—and then as the controversy dominated the news. Watch as the group members reveal the pressure they faced from the producer to stay quiet. Plus, hear about the emotional toll they endured after receiving no recognition for the group's success.


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Milli Vanilli - All or Nothing

Milli Vanilli Debut album which was only released in Europe in 1988. It was repackaged and retitled "Girl You Know It's True" for release in the United States on the Arista label.

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